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What is DLD LIVE?

DLD LIVE is a role-play company offering bespoke training aimed at personal and professional development. We use immersive drama to improve the skills of staff working with the public.

DLD will facilitate participants to explore possible outcomes within public service during assessments or as part of their training. We do this by using drama to create an interactive and safe learning environment which inspires people to think and act independently and with confidence.

We help learners practice techniques and strategies in dealing with the responsibilities of their roles and duties - and sometimes challenging interactions - with a clear emphasis on allowing the learner to develop best practise. We can challenge them in a safe and non-judgemental setting, at the level and direction of your wishes, to explore their own processes and improve upon them.

Everything we do is bespoke. We don’t make assumptions, we research. We create a programme in complete partnership with you, that truly reflects the culture of your organisation and the learning outcome you would like.

What is Drama Learning?

Drama engages people emotionally,

stimulates debate and challenges thinking

to create practical ways of implementing change

The situation or ‘outline’ of the scene is written by us in consultation with your training needs; a particular character/person, problem, attitude or challenge is played by the actor.

The actor and learner begin an agreed scenario - usually a conversation (the leaner may, or may not be able to read some details of the scenario before starting). The actor will play the role of the learner’s customer/client/patient/colleague. The learner absolutely plays themselves - even the most shy and nervous of learners participate, fully engaged! The actor will follow the required outline, reacting truthfully to the attitude, engagement and information from the learner.

The development comes from individuals’ seeing the impact of their behaviours being played out - for better or worse!


The learners can practice awareness in their approach; the use of voice, body language, attitude and also, time management and achieving satisfactory outcomes.

Using established theatre techniques, interactive drama is a brilliant, simple solution to explore better practice in a safe and highly engaging environment DLD LIVE actors-facilitators do all the acting within the role-play, confronting issues in real-time - we bring their
working life alive, here and now allowing the learner to react and consult truthfully and under the observation of their tutor or manager.


Change starts from within...

getting people to challenge their thinking,

by experiencing the impact of their behaviours

What are our Aims?

DLD LIVE participants will have an opportunity to do the following:

‘See it’
Recognise and experience specific issues, duties or incidents in their work that require action.

‘Own it’
Take responsibility for the duty they have to perform and understand how this interaction reflects themselves, their position, plus their team culture and organisational policy.

‘Change it’
Learn new strategies and practice new interventions, drawing upon the feelings and experiences of a group, the actor-facilitator or the teacher/manager. The learner has time then to reflect and replay how changes may be more helpful.

‘Do it’
Practically integrate the new behaviours into their way of working, as an individual, as a team and as an organisation. We support the process of continuous improvement and self-reflection.



"Dystin is a brilliant actress first, and a reliable, professional trainer always. I have worked with her on many occasions and her ability to work to a brief, support the trainees and give useful, …

Jim Harvey

"Dystin worked as a freelance role player and actor-facilitator for Steps from 2005-2014.  She is highly skilled in role play and forum theatre techniques and was always a pleasure to work with and …

Gary Bates - Account Director - Steps Drama Development

"Dystin is an inspiring teacher, facilitator and account manager. She has a quality that clients respond warmly to - whatever the outcome needed from a training programme, her intelligence, …

Emma Cater - Actress and Role Play Facilitator

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